Omen Users: DXdao Wants to Sponsor Your Gas Fees!

Omen Prediction Markets
2 min readOct 14, 2020
Using Authereum wallet means sponsored gas trading on Omen (for a limited time)

The DXdao is in full knowledge of how prohibitive the recent hikes in gas fees have been lately for the Ethereum ecosystem. While the Ethereum hive is buzzing away at some awesome solutions, we figured that in the meantime we could sponsor your transaction fees for participating in Omen prediction markets. When connecting to Omen through the Authereum wallet, users can transact in prediction markets without paying for gas up to a certain amount of transaction costs.

Take note: this sponsorship promotion will go on until late October or the ETH gas in stock runs out.

Here are some quick steps!

  1. Go to and create an account (does require email FYI)

Simply confirm your email address, create your smart contract wallet and load up your funds.

2. Head to Omen.eth and pick your first market you’d like to participate in with Authereum

As you would normally, when participating in a prediction market, choose your outcome you’d like to stake on with an amount of the respective currency.

3. Click Buy, and sign the transaction!

You will notice a popup from Authereum showing you that the gas fee for this transaction is Free.

If you’d like to see this done in video form, check this out.

Feel free to join the Omen Telegram group if you have any feedback, issues, or questions: